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Name: Sean O'Connell
Fingerprint: 97C0 12B5 9F54 8367 196E A1E7 DC88 2037 9458 8CDD


Location: Independence County
United States
Timezone: CST (UTC-06:00)
Language: English




PGP: Public key
SSH: SSH key
vCard: vCard
Resume: PDF


Git repo:
Package repo: sdoconnell @ OBS
PayPal: sdoconnell
Work: POD7


Phone: +1.605.705.6277
Post: 3916 N. Potsdam Ave #1143
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

Preferences and policies

My preferred mode of communication is email.

In regards to email communications, I have the following policies:

  • I do not respond to anonymous email, full stop. If you expect a response, you should have some sort of verifiable identity (even if that identity is pseudonymous). A website, a public profile, a public key, etc., that can be verifiably linked to the sender of the email. Basically, I want to know who I'm talking to. Messages from will likely go straight to /dev/null unless you're sending me juicy info about something nobody is supposed to know.
  • Feel free to send me juicy info about things nobody is supposed to know. Unless reading your email could realistically get me killed or imprisoned. In which case, don't. Unless it's aliens.
  • I prefer plain text. Please don't send me HTML-formatted email.
  • PGP-signed/encrypted email receives priority handling.
  • I'm fine with hearing opinions that contradict my own, I just ask that those viewpoints be communicated in a civil manner.
  • Response (prompt or otherwise) is not guaranteed. I reserve the right to ignore your email completely.
  • I have a firm policy of regarding all email as private communication. I will not forward, post, publish, or otherwise share any content of a received email except in the following cases:
    • The sender has given me express permission to do so.
    • Any matter requiring the involvement of law enforcement (credible threats, criminal activity, subpoena, etc.).
  • I ask for the same courtesy in return.

I have never received a secret government request to hand over private communications.