Fri 2020-03-20 06:02

Today was the first day my wife started working from home. I've been doing that for the majority of the last decade, including while we were living on the road in 2017-2018. So I kind of figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. However, this is the first time we've both been actively working from home at the same time and in such a small living space (700 square feet). And this whole thing came about on a much abbreviated timeline that didn't give us a lot of time to prepare.

Laptop orders from all the major vendors are backlogged as companies everywhere are sending their employees home in droves to work remote. So I had to reach into my personal stock for a spare ThinkPad, image it with Windows 10 (yes, I died a little inside), and I offered it up to my wife's company to install their stuff to allow her to work remote.

Both of our "offices" are in our bedroom, and we knew that wasn't going to work for conf calls, etc. So after a quick run to IKEA for a cheap table (and some shuffling around of existing furniture), we moved my wife's desktop computer setup into the living room of the apartment. It makes living space a little tighter but it's not terrible.

Amazon is running behind on shipping orders, and we're still waiting for a small KVM to arrive so she can switch her peripherals between her personal desktop and her new work laptop. This morning I was scrambling around moving cables so she could get logged on. I ordered her a SIP phone but it won't be here until late next week. In the meantime, she's forwarding calls to her cell and blowing up my normally modest mobile bill for next month (no, we don't pay for an "unlimited" plan. Hint: for most people, it's a waste of money).

Since I don't allow foreign-controlled computers or devices onto my private network, I had to extend our DMZ from my office into the other room today, as well. Which required an impromptu WiFi buildout in between (my own) conference calls. Good thing I had that spare access point in the closet. Super fun day today, let me tell you.

Hopefully, tomorrow will go smoother and by next week we should have all the wrinkles ironed out of this new working dynamic.

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