Mon 2020-06-22 15:24

Apparently, Andrew Yang is fine with perpetuating our dystopic surveillance culture as long as Big Tech gives token payments to its users for all of the personal data they siphon up. Setting aside the fact that this pipe dream will never happen - purely for reasons of corporate finance - users of Big Tech platforms are already getting paid for their data. They are exchanging their data for digital services. Why should those platforms sweeten the deal with cash payments that would basically destroy their profit model? Google and Facebook aren't charities, and they aren't public utilities.

If you don't like surveillance capitalism, then convince Big Tech to offer a direct capitalism alternative and pay for the services you use. Seems like that would be a common sense idea to anyone who doesn't live in the "I want everything for free" mentality. I didn't think my opinion of Andrew Yang could get much lower but he keeps pushing that bar down. Next week he'll probably suggest that Apple should pay people to own the latest iPhone because people want iPhones, Apple has lots of money, and it's not fair that you have to pay for stuff.

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