Tue 2020-11-03 13:14

Election Day has finally arrived, and so now begins the championship game. Or a civil war, depends on how pessimistic you are.

I've aleady voted and so, obviously, I have a preference as to who wins this year. But regardless of which presidential candidate takes the electoral college, my real hope for this election is that it's an uncontestable landslide in either direction. I feel like the worst possible outcome for my country would be a tight "every vote must be counted, we demand recounts, they cheated, they suppressed, what about these people who didn't get to vote?" re-run of the 2000 election. We're already pretty divided as a nation, I feel like such an outcome could cause irreparable harm.

So whoever wins today, let them win big.

Lastly, if your favorite old, white, rich guy doesn't happen to win today please take that disappointment like a grown-up. Have a beer, have a smoke, and console yourself with the knowledge that another election is just a few years away. Let's not throw a galactic temper tantrum and burn down every city in America, okay?

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