Thu 2020-11-26 16:22

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  • Posted: 2020-11-26 16:22 UTC

This year's social-distanced, mask-wearing, pre-recorded, TV-only, no crowds Macy's Thanksgiving Day "parade" is a disgusting shit show conducted for no other reason than to sell network ad time. I couldn't even stomach 10 minutes of this cringe-worthy pantomime of normality before switching it off.

FFS. If you can't do a parade because of COVID-19 then just don't do a parade. Do something different, don't try to stage a fake event with celebrities riding on a float down one closed-off city block in front of a camera, waving to crowds that aren't even fucking there.

For you clueless marketing types, here's a hint: without the cameras capturing the energy of the attendees and providing TV watchers with a sense of participating in an actual live event this "parade" is simply a variety show. So why not just do the variety show instead of insulting the history and tradition of a real event, as well as the intelligence of your TV audience?

Hell, they could have done a "best of" compilation of past parades and it would have been better than this crap.