Projects I'm currently working on and actively supporting.


Projects I still support but am not currently developing further.

Stupid Simple Personal Pastebin

This is a very basic personal pastebin application designed to allow easy sharing of code snippets, text files, etc. to a self-hosted website via command-line tool, a basic web form, or any other application that can perform a simple HTTP POST. Publishing pastes is restricted to those persons possessing an API key, but pastes are publicly readable. Pastes can be set to self-destruct after a certain period of time or after a certain number of views. The included reference tool for command-line pasting also supports encryption of the uploaded text for passing secure messages in the clear. There is also an Emacs client package to create pastes from buffers or files.

The application is designed to be simple and easy to integrate into an existing website with no complex requirements beyond a basic LAMP stack.

Stupid Simple Personal Link Shortener

This is a another very basic tool to provide a personal web service for creating short links from long URLs. The application runs as a website and forwards short link requests to the full URL. Like the personal pastebin above, the link shortener uses an API key to restrict access for posting links. The reference client is a command-line script to generate a short link from a given URL. There is also an Emacs client package to create short links.

Again the application is designed to be simple and easy to host with no complex requirements beyond a basic LAMP stack.


This is a command-line tool to generate lottery numbers and check Powerball lottery tickets. The application can be run interactively or it can read a formatted ticket file to check results, tracking winnings over the life of the ticket and generating cumulative ticket value information. The program is easy to automate with a task scheduler and can be used to email drawing results to the user.


Legacy projects I no longer develop, maintain, or support.


The Enterprise Linux Lab Installer Script (ELLIS) is a tool for automatically setting up a lab server host suitable for candidates preparing for enterprise Linux certifications such as the RHCSA and RHCE. The tool sets up a complete practice environment with network services like Kerberos, LDAP, and NFS - applications that are tangential to the exam but the installation and configuration of which are not within the test syllabus. ELLIS can take a fresh install of CentOS and with a single command turn it into a lab workstation in less than 15 minutes, allowing the certification candidate to dive in and get studying right away.

And yes, it's named after that Ellis."Hey. John boy."


Written when I was going through my retro "let's bring back Gopher" phase a couple years ago, this is a Wordpress-like blogging ("phlogging") engine that can be integrated into a Gopher site as a CGI application. It facilitates dynamic content generation of gophermaps and page content for phlog entries, with features like nested menus, categories, tags, and a basic comment system.

I have since come to realize that the protocol-level limitations of Gopher severely limit it's usefulness. As I am no longer active in Gopherspace, this application is basically inactive and unsupported. I leave it here for those retro-fetishists who want to blog like it's 1991. Use at your own risk.