Sending webmentions to this site

Notes and articles on this site support replies, likes, reposts, bookmarks, and mentions using the Webmention protocol and Microformats tags. To send a webmention, create your own webpage and include at least the full URL of the note or article you'd like to mention in the content of your page. Then submit the full URL of your webpage using the form at the bottom of the article or note on this site to which you'd like to respond.

Webmentions without additional tags will be presented as generic mentions. Add the following class attributes to your content for additional options:

First include the h-entry class on the parent element (e.g., a div, section, or article). For comments, include the e-content class on the containing element of the text (e.g., a div or p) [note: there's a 2000 character limit and most HTML tags are stripped].

You can define likes, reposts, bookmarks, and replies by adding the following classes on a link to the target article or note:

  • - Reply: u-in-reply-to
  • - Like: u-like-of
  • - Bookmark: u-bookmark-of
  • - Repost: u-repost-of

To provide your name, photo, and homepage information, include a link to your h-card with the p-author and h-card classes.

To update a webmention you've sent previously, simply submit it again.

To delete a webmention you've sent, first ensure that your server responds to your deleted webpage with the HTTP header 410 Gone and then submit your webmention again. This site will then remove the mention.