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Hi. My name is Sean O'Connell. I'm a technology nerd who started using computers as a hobbyist in 1979 when I wrote my first program in BASIC on an Apple II. I somehow stumbled into an IT career 16 years later and I've been making a living shuffling around 0s and 1s ever since.

I've been involved with Linux and FOSS for over 20 years (I'm registered Linux user #79424). I enjoy working on interesting problems and developing creative solutions with free software and open source technologies. I am also passionate about designing and building self-hosted and self-owned network services, and about breaking dependence on centralized application platforms such as Google and Facebook.

My other interests include travel, music, movies, sport shooting, and writing. I'm a licensed ham radio operator (W4SDO), and I have enjoyed a lifelong interest in pen-and-paper role-playing games and tabletop wargaming.

The Charlotte, North Carolina area was my home since 1983, and I met my wife Lillian there in 1996. In 2016 we decided to sell our house and buy a motorhome, hit the road, and see America. We now live and work on the road in a 2015 Fleetwood Discovery that we christened the Thunder Road. We enjoy visiting interesting places, meeting new people, and embracing a lifestyle of varying locality. We share our simple, nomadic life with our half-blind Thai cat, Charlie.

Professionally, I'm the principal consultant at POD7, LLC.


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[website] A blog about Linux, FOSS, networking, free culture, and DIY technology solutions is an offshoot of my personal blog, re-focused on only the crunchy tech articles. Mainly a collection of technical how-tos, g33kr aims to appeal to Linux and FOSS geeks, sysadmins, network engineers, and DIY tech enthusiasts seeking to maintain data ownership and root access in an ever more centralized digital landscape.


[code] A command line Powerball lottery checker and notifier

redball is command line program to check your Powerball lottery ticket and calculate your winnings. It can be run interactively, or from a cron job that can email you the results. The latter is particularly useful for multi-draw tickets (just set it and get an email after each drawing with the results).

[code] A command line client for is a *nix command line client for the web file-sharing service It features easy switch-based syntax for sharing files, with options for limited download instances, short expiration times, and on-the-fly file encryption via GPG.


[code] The Enterprise Linux Lab Installer Script

ELLIS is an automated installer for building and configuring a single-host virtual lab environment useful to certification candidates studying for Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exams. ELLIS installs and configures Kerberos, OpenLDAP, NFS, Samba, NTP, and other infrastructure services on the lab host server quickly and easily, with a simple one-step command. It also provides pre-generated lab resource files such as html page templates, a WSGI application, a simple SQL database, Kickstart templates, and pre-made VM build scripts. The goal of ELLIS is to minimize lab setup time, to maximize lab study time.


[code] A 'phlogging' engine for the Gopher protocol

gopherphlinger is a CGI-type engine for creating blogs ('phlogs') using the text-based Gopher protocol. The application is written in Python3, employs a SQLite backend, and supports Wordpress-like features such as categories, tags, archives, and multiple authors. It also includes an optional comments system and multiple post formatting options. gopherphlinger is designed to be highly customizable in look and feel via the modification of a simple configuration file.


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