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nrrdtools is a suite of terminal-based productivity applications with a common UI design and command language, advanced search and export functionality, and data storage in local text files.

App Role Source
nrrdbook address book repo
nrrddate calendar repo
nrrdtask tasks repo
nrrdalrt reminders repo
nrrdnote notes repo
nrrdjrnl journal repo
nrrdmark bookmarks repo
nrrdtime time tracking repo


  • Language: Python
  • Source: repo

This is a command-line tool to generate lottery numbers and check Powerball lottery tickets. The application can be run interactively or it can read a formatted ticket file to check results, tracking winnings over the life of the ticket and generating cumulative ticket value information. The program is easy to automate with a task scheduler and can be used to email drawing results to the user.


  • Language: Python
  • Source: repo

A clone of redball but for the Mega Millions lottery. My wife asked for a Powerball ticket. The clerk sold her a Mega Millions ticket, and she didn't notice until later. Since I'm too lazy to check a website twice a week for two months... a clone was born!


  • Language: Shell
  • Source: repo

Not really a project per se, this is my personal collection of dotfiles for applications such as zsh, tmux, and vim.