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Sean O'Connell
97C0 12B5 9F54 8367 196E A1E7 DC88 2037 9458 8CDD


Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
PDT (UTC-07:00)


3916 N. Potsdam Ave #1143
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

Preferences and policies

My preferred mode of communication is email. My policies for email handling are as follows:
  • I do not respond to anonymous email, full stop. If you expect a response, you should have some sort of verifiable identity (even if that identity is pseudonymous). A website, a public profile, a public key, etc., that can be verifiably linked to the sender of the email. Basically, I want to know who I'm talking to. Messages from will likely go straight to /dev/null unless you're sending me juicy info about something nobody is supposed to know.
  • Feel free to send me juicy info about things nobody is supposed to know. Unless reading your email could realistically get me killed or imprisoned. In which case, don't.
  • Email with a valid cryptographic signature receives priority handling.
  • I'm fine with hearing opinions that contradict my own, I just ask that those viewpoints be communicated in a civil manner.
  • Response (prompt or otherwise) is not guaranteed. I reserve the right to ignore your email completely.
  • I have a firm policy of regarding all email as private communication. I will not forward, post, publish, or otherwise share any content of a received email except in the following cases:
    • The sender has given me express permission to do so.
    • Any matter requiring the involvement of law enforcement (credible threats, criminal activity, subpoena, etc.).
  • I ask for the same courtesy in return.

I have never turned over private communications at the request or demand of any company or government agency, neither have I turned over encryption or authentication keys to anyone.