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Notes ❯ Tue 2021-12-28 20:18

If you haven't heard from me pretty much at all in the second half of this year, it's because I've been heads down on a passion project for the last six months. A project which has just hit a major milestone today with its first release.

I am super happy to announce the launch of the nrrdtools project.

nrrdtools is a suite of terminal-based productivity applications for managing your calendar, tasks, contacts, reminders, bookmarks, notes, journal, and time logging - all from the shell. This project came about due to my prolonged dissatisfaction with existing command-line/text-mode solutions, coupled with my general lack of faith in the future of graphical application development for the Linux desktop. There's probably an article there, I just haven't written it yet.

((frustration + cynicism) * hubris) / sparetime = code

I'm coming away from this project with the self-assurance that this has been a most productive sabbatical. I guess now I'll take a couple days off before picking up my next contract for 2022 and going back to actual work.