Sun 2020-12-27 16:05

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My two-word review of Wonder Woman 1984:

Steaming. Pile.

WTF is wrong with DC Entertainment that they keep releasing dreck like this?

EDITED: Because no one person is to blame for this dumpster fire. It took a confederation of talentless hacks to make this trainwreck happen. And apparently the people in charge are thrilled with the results.

Fri 2020-11-27 14:30

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One online retailer's recipe for Black Friday success:

  1. Announce a big Black Friday sale.
  2. Discount products heavily for a limited time period.
  3. Use a janky e-comm system that breaks shortly after people finish eating their Thanksgiving meal.
  4. IMPORTANT: send your entire staff home for the long holiday weekend (because you are a "cool" company) so nobody is there to see that the system is down, or to respond to customer inquiries.
  5. Come in on Monday and wonder why your Black Friday sales sucked.
  6. [insert sad trombone]

Thu 2020-11-26 16:22

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This year's social-distanced, mask-wearing, pre-recorded, TV-only, no crowds Macy's Thanksgiving Day "parade" is a disgusting shit show conducted for no other reason than to sell network ad time. I couldn't even stomach 10 minutes of this cringe-worthy pantomime of normality before switching it off.

FFS. If you can't do a parade because of COVID-19 then just don't do a parade. Do something different, don't try to stage a fake event with celebrities riding on a float down one closed-off city block in front of a camera, waving to crowds that aren't even fucking there.

For you clueless marketing types, here's a hint: without the cameras capturing the energy of the attendees and providing TV watchers with a sense of participating in an actual live event this "parade" is simply a variety show. So why not just do the variety show instead of insulting the history and tradition of a real event, as well as the intelligence of your TV audience?

Hell, they could have done a "best of" compilation of past parades and it would have been better than this crap.

Fri 2020-11-20 00:37

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While it may not technically be so, it feels like every time I buy something off eBay I end up getting fucked.

A year or two goes by and I forget how I got fucked the last time. Then I buy something off eBay again. And get fucked. Again.

Rinse. Repeat.

Mon 2020-11-09 01:41

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Some days, I really wish I could take the glasses off...

Sat 2020-11-07 20:42

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I was surprised to see the mainstream media launching a wall-to-wall "Biden has won" campaign today, and I'm very concerned about potential outcomes from such a move. My concern is not that Biden has (in fact) won the Presidential election. At this point, I consider that the most likely outcome of this election. And whether or not he was my preferred candidate, as an American, if Biden is duly elected to office I will recognize his granted authority and support him in his role as the country's leader.

That said, this election is still contested and President Trump has not yet conceded the race. Legal actions are heading to the courts this coming week, one or more recounts may take place, one or more investigations at the State level may take place, and the results of those actions are far from predetermined. So what happens if - against all odds - President Trump is later determined to have won the election after all?

I feel like what is happening right now is that the mainstream media (and social media) are orchestrating a coup d'├ętat by announcing Biden's victory ahead of any court proceedings. I would even say that the media are in effect assembling a weapon of mass destruction based on the anger, frustration, and even hatred held by (apparently) half the country. A weapon they plan to use in a twisted scenario of mutually assured destruction.

The media has presented Trump with an ultimatum: "pursue this election with the courts if you like, but if you win now you will throw the country into chaos."

Already, we are seeing outpourings of relief that Trump has lost, celebratory adulation of Biden and Harris, and exclamations from the left that "the nightmare is finally over!" If the election outcome is somehow reversed and Trump does win another term, the backlash of that result would then be a hundred fold worse than that which would have occurred had the race not been called for Biden in advance. That weaponized emotion will tear this country apart to such a degree that the last four years will look like a church picnic disagreement over who made the best potato salad. I do not think that it is beyond the realm of possibility that we could be faced with an actual insurrection in such a scenario.

The media is making the gamble that Trump would rather concede than be the cause of such a conflagration. Which is a dangerous gamble, I think.

Regardless of who you support to win the Presidency, do you want to endow the media with the power to decide elections by journalistic fiat? Corporate-controlled media outlets are not one of our three branches of government.

Wed 2020-11-04 04:26

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Well, shit. This is shaping up to be the worst case scenario: a nail-biter neck-and-neck race. If you live in a major city this is probably a good time to make sure your property insurance is paid up. And maybe consider taking an impromptu vacation to somewhere rural.

Wed 2020-11-04 02:29

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Seems like the best election coverage show tonight is Joe Rogan, Tim Dillon, and Kyle Kulinski just bullshitting live on YouTube. Supposedly, Alex Jones might also pop in. I find the guy frequently entertaining and occasionally informative but I kinda hope he doesn't crash the broadcast and turn it into a trainwreck.

Wed 2020-11-04 02:05

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I mean... I know my math skills aren't that great but... WTF Google? Calling Virginia "won" for Biden when he holds only 40% of the vote and every news outlet is reporting that Trump currently has a huge lead there?

Virginia election returns

Tue 2020-11-03 13:14

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Election Day has finally arrived, and so now begins the championship game. Or a civil war, depends on how pessimistic you are.

I've aleady voted and so, obviously, I have a preference as to who wins this year. But regardless of which presidential candidate takes the electoral college, my real hope for this election is that it's an uncontestable landslide in either direction. I feel like the worst possible outcome for my country would be a tight "every vote must be counted, we demand recounts, they cheated, they suppressed, what about these people who didn't get to vote?" re-run of the 2000 election. We're already pretty divided as a nation, I feel like such an outcome could cause irreparable harm.

So whoever wins today, let them win big.

Lastly, if your favorite old, white, rich guy doesn't happen to win today please take that disappointment like a grown-up. Have a beer, have a smoke, and console yourself with the knowledge that another election is just a few years away. Let's not throw a galactic temper tantrum and burn down every city in America, okay?